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Welcome to Tumbler Magazine, bringing you all the news from the Australian whisky industry as well as whisky news and stories from all around the world. We love whisky and want to celebrate the diversity of amazing whiskies here in Australia and abroad.

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Each issue we will bring you a range of different subjects, introduce you to Australian whisky distilleries and the identities that are making world class whisky right here in Australia.



Each issue we seek out the most interesting and unique stories to tell about our Industry.



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We're obviously fans of Australian whisky, but we're also in the pursuit of perfection.

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    We Are Always Ready For Audience

    Tumbler exists for it's audience. You are who we want to talk to and who we want to support, encourage and enthuse. If you have a suggestion, feedback, complaint or praise we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch today!

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    Be It Anything, We Are Different

    Politics and preferential treatment is a game for the old boys club, and here at Tumbler we do things differently. If you don't think a review is up to scratch then let us know, wherever possible we will publish your communication and share your voice with the whisky community at large.

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    We Always Love To Here From You

    If you produce whisky, either here in Australia or are further abroad we'd love to hear from you, and you can be assured that your beloved drop will be given a fair and impartial tasting and review.

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