A little town named Comox is tucked away in central British Columbia. Therefore, a name sometimes means something. Quite a little, indeed, about this picturesque seaside town! You have arrived at ILikeComox, the best resource for learning all there is to know about this fascinating location.

More than simply a website, ILikeComox is a tribute to the many things that set Comox apart from the others. Everything that this fantastic place has to offer is showcased on ILikeComox, from its rich history and active arts scene to its spectacular natural beauty.

Come along as we explore everything that makes Comox unique, from its attractions to its events. Find out why this town is so popular with locals and experience the best attractions while you’re here. We will also demonstrate how you may participate in promoting Comox online in a positive light in case this has already sparked your interest.

There is something for everyone at ILikeComox, whether they are adventure seekers in search of nature, cultural vultures in search of artistic inspiration, or foodies in search of gastronomic pleasures. Let’s explore this site thoroughly to find out what makes it unique and why it merits all the praise it gets.

As we reveal ILikeComox’s secrets individually, be ready for a sneak peek!

Exploring the Attractions of ILikeComox:                    

ILikeComox has a multitude of attractions, including its stunning natural scenery, fascinating history, and thriving arts community. This dynamic neighbourhood offers something new for everyone to experience.

Nature’s Haven

Nature enthusiasts will find nirvana in Comox, BC. This region has countless outdoor adventure and exploration possibilities, thanks to its breathtaking mountains, clear lakes, and verdant woods.

Historical Charm

Comox’s heritage buildings, museums, and cultural places allow visitors to immerse themselves in the town’s rich history. Discover the intriguing history of this village by travelling across time.

Flourishing Arts Scene

The diverse assortment of galleries, studios, and performances at ILikeComox display local artists’ tremendous skill and ingenuity, contributing to the burgeoning arts community.

Why People Love Living in Comox, BC

Comox, British Columbia, is the place of their dreams for many. Unsurprisingly, people love living here with its beautiful environment, friendly community, opportunities for leisure all year round, and tasty local food!

Gorgeous scenery

With its beautiful mountain vistas, verdant woods, and glistening ocean waves, Comox is renowned for its gorgeous surroundings. The breathtaking scenery of Comox will wow you whether you’re exploring the trails or taking a leisurely walk along the shore.

Welcoming community

Warm hospitality is a hallmark of the Comox community; newcomers are always welcomed with open arms. Living here is exceptional because neighbors become friends, fostering a sense of belonging.

Year-round recreation

Activities, including hiking, skiing, golfing, and fishing, are available all year round in Comox. No matter the season, you may enjoy outdoor pleasures thanks to the moderate temperature.

Local cuisine

With its wide variety of regional dishes, ILikeComox is a culinary enthusiast’s dream come true. There is a wide variety of cuisines, including farm-to-table options and fresh seafood.

Top Things to Do in Comox

Visit the Courtenay & District Museum, enjoy whale watching, paddle around the bay, visit the beach, and explore the Filberg Heritage Lodge & Park. In Comox, you can do everything!

Explore the Filberg Heritage Lodge & Park

Discover the breathtaking historic estate of Filberg Heritage Lodge & Park in Comox. Explore picturesque grounds, take in works of art and crafts, and learn more about the area’s history.

Go Paddling on the Bay

Feel the rush of flying across the serene waters of Comox Bay while taking in the breathtaking landscapes and diverse animals. Explore aquatic life, find secret coves, and get a new view of ILikeComox.

Hit the Beach

You may go sunning, picnicking, and exploring Comox’s beautiful beaches. You may find a beach in this coastal wonderland that suits everyone’s taste, from sandy coasts to rocky coves.

Check Out the Courtenay & District Museum

Learn about the fascinating past of the Comox Valley via hands-on displays and exhibitions that include authentic relics from the area. Discover how this thriving town was formed by the natural history, pioneers, and indigenous cultures.

Go Whale Watching

Feel the exhilaration of getting up close and personal with gorgeous whales in the seas surrounding Comox. Throughout this once-in-a-lifetime experience, look for whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

Comox Marina

An Ideal West Coast Location for Boaters. Dive into the crystal clear waters, take in the stunning scenery, and feel the rush of sailing through idyllic settings.

ILikeComox: A Gateway to Adventure:

More than just a picturesque location, ILikeComox serves as a springboard to exciting new experiences. Discover a world of unlimited possibilities in Comox, from Filberg Park explorations to the Land & Sea Brewing Company.

40 Knots Winery

A trip to 40 Knots Winery in Comox Valley is an absolute must for those who love wine. Take in the stunning vineyard views while sampling their award-winning wines. Raise a glass to a very remarkable dining adventure!

Goose Spit Park

An undiscovered jewel in Comox, Goose Spit Park is tucked away along the picturesque shoreline. Lovely for picnics, strolls, and breathtaking sunset views, this place boasts a beautiful sandy beach and a peaceful ambience.

Filberg Park

Comox, British Columbia’s Filberg Park, is a verdant haven with beautiful gardens, historic structures, and intriguing art displays. Let yourself be enchanted by its breathtaking scenery and lose yourself in the peacefulness of nature.

Land & Sea Brewing Company

Explore Comox’s Craft Beer Haven. Indulge in a selection of artisanal beers produced with fresh, regional ingredients, complemented by their inviting ambience and welcoming personnel. Toasting to enjoyable moments!

ILikeComox: Facts about Comox Nature, Culture, and Adventure

Comox has everything if you’re looking for breathtaking scenery, fascinating history, or exciting experiences. Everything you might want is right here in ILikeComox, from beautiful parks to thriving creative scenes!

What Sets ILikeComox Apart?

How Is ILikeComox Different? The picturesque town distinguishes out because of its beautiful scenery, thriving arts culture, and friendly locals that make you feel at home.

Unmissable Events in ILikeComox

If you’re looking for an exciting event in Comox, go as far as the Filberg Festival or the Nautical Days. Get on board and make a note of the date!

Dining and Culinary Delights in ILikeComox

ILikeComox has several restaurants that are sure to satisfy your hunger. This paradisal restaurant offers various dishes, from farm-to-table fare to fresh seafood.

Perfect Time to Visit ILikeComox

In the summer, when temperatures are mild, and visitors can go kayaking, hiking, and beachcombing, ILikeComox is the ideal destination.

ILikeComox: Spreading Positivity About Comox Online

The picturesque landscapes, locally owned shops, and welcoming atmosphere of Comox are highlighted on ILikeComox through upbeat and inspiring content. Please help us get the word out about this delightful community!

Sharing the Beauty of Comox

Taking pictures, making movies, and posting them on social media are all great ways to capture Comox’s stunning scenery, quaint buildings, and lively culture and share them with the world. Getting others to come and see the wonder for themselves is the goal.

Promoting Local Businesses

Backing ILikeComox from the Bottom Up. Learn about the unique businesses, eateries, and services that contribute to the success of this picturesque town. It’s time to honour and back the local business owners!

Bringing the Community Together

One of the most essential parts of ILikeComox is the community gatherings, which let people meet one another and feel like they belong. The main points are helping one another out and rejoicing in what makes Comox notable.

How You Can Get Involved with ILikeComox

Join ILikeComox, give them what you can follow on social media, and volunteer your time. Get involved and show your support for local companies!

Volunteer Your Time

Help local groups grow by offering your skills and time to make a difference in ILikeComox.

Become a Member

How to Join the ILikeComox Community: Join us as a Member and help us spread the word about how great Comox is. Please help us bring the community together by supporting local businesses!


How to Join the ILikeComox Community: Donate to help local initiatives thrive and advance the community. Your gift may make an impactful change!

Follow on Social Media

To keep up with the newest happenings, news, and breathtaking photographs of Comox, follow ILikeComox on social media. Get your daily dose of motivation by connecting with us!


The moniker ILikeComox is unique because it encapsulates the profound admiration and affection that both residents and tourists have for the picturesque town of Comox. There are many reasons why people adore residing in this lovely region of British Columbia, including its stunning natural beauty, rich history, and lively arts scene.

Beautiful beauty awaits at every turn in Comox, and the town is known for its friendly locals, many things to do all year round and delicious food. You will be satisfied with ILikeComox, whether you’re an adventure seeker in the great outdoors or a cultural vulture who loves to lose oneself in a good book.

Comox has a plethora of activities for visitors to choose from. Take in the breathtaking gardens and old structures at Filberg Heritage Lodge & Park, paddle around the harbour to see local marine life up close, or unwind on one of the many picturesque beaches. Nature enthusiasts may go on exciting whale-watching cruises, while history fans can explore the Courtenay & District Museum.

ILikeComox is a jumping-off point for a plethora of nearby excursions. Go wine tasting at 40 Knots Winery, or hike the beautiful paths and take the breathtaking vistas at Goose Spit Park. Be sure to stop by Filberg Park, known for its serene ambience and beautiful gardens, and Land & Sea Brewing Company, where you may sample some delicious craft brews.

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