You may find all the information you need about the Manhwa novel That Which Flows By here. You should take advantage of this Manhwa if you enjoy engaging stories with dark and edgy tones and beautiful artwork. This blog post will explore the tale, the main characters, and why Fans believe that Which Flows. We’ll discuss the highly anticipated Season 2 release, where it can be read online, and more. Alright, have a drink, find a comfy spot, and get ready to explore That Which Flows!

Overview of That Which Flows by Manhwa

Fans of fascinating manhwa series have flocked to That Which Flows By in droves. Crafted by an extraordinarily gifted group, this mesmerizing narrative centers on a realm where extraordinary abilities are in operation.

This captivating story follows protagonist Yoon Hee-soo as he learns about his extraordinary power to control the passage of time. As he discovers how to handle this ability, Hee-soo becomes entangled in a labyrinth of secrets and mysteries that will captivate readers from start to finish.

A dark and gritty metropolitan setting sets the stage for That Which Flows, a suspenseful fantasy-action hybrid. Morality, identity, and the repercussions of possessing tremendous powers are among the issues explored in the compelling plot.

The Story

That Which Flows By is a manhwa that transports readers on an exciting and nerve-wracking adventure. The story takes place in a universe where superpowers are real, and it chronicles the adventures of Jin Seok, a young man with the ability to manipulate water. But everything changes for him when he becomes involved with a group called “The Flow.”

Jin Seok learns that his abilities have hidden depths as he explores the mysteries of The Flow. To discover the truth about himself and The Flow, his friends and allies must bravely battle great opponents and overcome dangerous scenarios.

The Story and Key Characters of That Which Flows

A girl named Hyeonha is at the center of That Which Flows By’s narrative. Hyeonha has a unique talent for seeing and communicating with supernatural entities called “Others,” she lives in a world where humans and these beings mix. But things take a dark turn as she sees her parents killed by an evil Other.

Hyeonha goes on a dangerous quest to get even with the people responsible for her parent’s deaths and find out what happened. She meets several interesting people who play crucial roles in her quest. Eunsoo is one such figure; he is a master swordsman who befriends and protects Hyeonha.

Hyunwoo, a mystery man with hidden abilities who may know the truth about Hyeonha’s history, is another pivotal character.

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Why Fans Love That Which Flows By Manhwa

1. Captivating Story and Characters: The compelling plot and well-realized characters are two of the critical reasons why readers adore That Which Flows. This Manhwa chronicles the adventures of Jin, a young boy who gains the gift of seeing spirits and ghosts. As he explores this otherworldly realm further, he stumbles upon sinister secrets and encounters various obstacles. Follow Jin’s experiences with rapt attention as the complex storyline enthralls readers.

2. Dark and Edgy Tone: That Which Flows’s dark and gritty tone is another appealing feature. Grimly, the Manhwa delves into betrayal, death, loss, and vengeance. This raises the stakes and makes the tale more interesting from beginning to end. Unlike more whimsical comics or webtoons, this Manhwa delves into serious subjects that fans find appealing.

3. Action and Suspense: The exciting action scenes and nerve-wracking moments in That Which Flows By are another reason fans adore the show. Thrilling pursuit sequences and fierce fights with otherworldly creatures keep readers on the edge of their seats throughout the book.

4. Appealing Art Style: The beautiful art style of That Which Flows By is just as captivating as the plot. Each character comes to life in the intricate paintings, which also capture the frightening vibe of their otherworldly realm.

Captivating Story and Characters

The tale of That Which Flows By, a manhwa, is so fascinating that it holds readers’ attention right from the start. A little girl named Eunha finds out she can see ghosts and talk to them; this is the story’s central idea. She finds herself caught up in a dangerous realm inhabited by shadowy figures and otherworldly powers as she explores her skills more.

Dark and Edgy Tone

The edgy and gloomy tone is one of the reasons why That Which Flows by Manhwa is loved by fans. Anxieties that keep readers glued to their seats are created by the story’s exploration of severe and profound issues.

The gloomy tone of That Which Flows By draws readers into a mysterious and dangerous realm. The protagonists face increasing levels of peril as they enter a dystopian world.

Action and Suspense

The high level of action and suspense draws readers to Manhwa’s That Which Flows By. Readers will be glued to their chairs throughout the novel because of all the exciting events and fierce combat sequences.

Battles between solid characters, each with their skills, are epic throughout the series. These well-orchestrated action sequences show each character’s dynamic motions and extraordinary powers. There is never a dull moment in That Which Flows, whether a lightning-fast sword combat or an explosive energy burst.

Where to Read That Which Flows Online

Several internet sites make it possible to obtain the enthralling Manhwa “That Which Flows By,” so if you’re anxious to start reading it, you’re in luck. Anyone can find what they want regarding major manga websites or webtoon platforms.

Webtoon, a platform specifically for Korean webcomics, is one of the most frequented sites where “That Which Flows By” may be read. The intuitive design and easy-to-use navigation make it a pleasure to lose yourself in the pages of this exciting Manhwa.

You may also rely on Mangakakalot, which offers a wide variety of manga titles like “That Which Flows By.” Readers may quickly access the most recent changes and peruse various chapters on this website.


That Which Flows By is one of several digital comics on the popular webtoon platform. Many Manhwa fans now visit Webtoon because of its convenient layout and wide variety of genres.

The accessibility of Webtoon is a significant selling point for reading That Which Flows there. People constantly on the move will love this webcomic since they can view it from any computer or smartphone anytime.


Reading the Manhwa for free is possible for lovers of That Which Flows on the renowned website Mangakakalot. It is the premier destination for manga fans due to its extensive works library, including manga and Manhwa.

Mangakakalot has quickly become a favorite among readers, thanks mainly to its intuitive design. Searching for specific chapters or navigating through different genres is a breeze on this user-friendly site. This makes it easy for viewers to stay abreast of developments with That Which Flows.


One of the most well-known websites where fans may read the manhwa series online, including That Which Flows, is KissManga. A large selection of free manga and manhwa titles are available on this platform. You can quickly locate your favorite tales across all genres because of its user-friendly layout.

With a wide selection of Manhwa from different publishers, KissManga has become a popular destination for readers. Love stories that warm your heart or send shivers down your spine—KissManga has it all. The site’s collection is constantly updated, so viewers may get the newest chapters just when they’re released.


Fans of That Which Flows may also read the Manhwa online on Mangasee123. Enjoy a wide selection of manga and manhwa titles on this website, which has an easy-to-navigate design.

Action, adventure, romance, and fantasy are just a few genres represented in Mangasee123’s vast collection. That Which Flows and other like works may be located for readers.

When Will That Which Flows Season 2 Come Out?

Many are waiting with bated breath for any word on when That Which Flows Season 2 will be available to stream online. However, an official announcement about a second season has yet to be made. 

Fans of Manhwa’s That Which Flows were left hanging at the end of the first season, with several questions and plots left unsolved. Because of this, we can’t wait for the series to continue.

Considering how well-received and popular That Which Flows is, a second season is probably in the works. Many readers have become devoted followers of the Manhwa and can’t wait for further chapters.

Fans may remain up-to-date by following the official channels and social media accounts affiliated with That Which Flows, even if we still need to set a precise release date for Season 2. New seasons or chapters are frequently announced on these media.

Fans may take comfort in the fact that their devotion to That Which Flows is only growing while they wait for word on the release date of Season 2. You can be sure that fans will be the first to know as soon as Season 2 details are announced!


Throughout this extensive tutorial, we have delved into the mesmerizing realm of That Which Flows by Manhwa. Fans are drawn to this dark and edgy series because of its compelling tale and well-developed characters.

Yoon Soo-Hyun, a young man gifted with the capacity to perceive spirits, is the novel’s protagonist. He finds himself caught in a dangerous conflict between the House of Yin and the House of Yang as he explores his magical abilities more. He meets a diverse group of exciting people who enrich the story as he travels.

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1. Is That Which Flows by Manhwa suitable for all readers?

It contains explicit language, graphic violence, and disturbing themes in its dark and powerful Manhwa That Which Flows. This book is perfect for adults and older teenagers who want to read novels with much tension and excitement.

2. How often does the manhwa update?

New chapters for That Which Flows are usually added every week or two, though the timetable might vary. Reading official sources or fan forums is essential to keep up with the latest releases.

3. Are there any plans for a Season 2 of That Which Flows?

There has yet to be any word on whether That Which Flows will return for a second season. But fans can’t wait for the next chapter in this riveting series.

4. Where can I read That Which Flows online?

Webtoon, Mangakakalot, KissManga, and Mangasee123 are just a few online sites where you may find That Which Flows. You may read the chapters of the Manhwa for free on these websites.

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